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Queen Of Arabian Sea | Kochi

Kochi is the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala. Kochi has a cosmopolitan outlook than the rest of Kerala because of its diverse, multicultural, and secular community consisting of people from all parts of Kerala and most of India. Kochi is well connected by road, rail, air and water to other parts of India and the World. There are a lot of tourist attractions and heritage spots in Kochi which are the reminiscences of the Portuguese, Dutch and British rules of the past.

Land Of Venice | Alappuzha

AlappuzhaA�has a distinct lifestyle owing to the overwhelming presence of water in the form of canals and backwaters. The region has in store, some of the picturesque natural settings in Kerala.A�Interspersed with vast stretches of paddy fields, avenues of coconut trees, islets and villages, Alappuzha is also famous for coir making and coir-based industries.