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A Glance About Kerala

Kerala, popularly known among travel-lovers as the a�?a��Goda��s Own Countrya��a��, is a beautiful stretch of land in the Indian sub-continent. Located in the south-west of Indian sub-continent between north latitudes 8A�.17′.30″ N and 12A�. 47′.40″ N and east longitudes 74A�.27’47” E and 77A�.37′.12″ E, Kerala attracts tourists from across the globe with its lovely landscape, lush greenery and splendid water bodies.

Western Ghats Mountain range runs for 450 kilometres along the east of this stretch of land. In the west the Arabian Sea borders this land for 580 kilometres. The width of land varies between 35-120 kilometres. Kerala is blessed with 44 rivers nourishing its flora and fauna. 41 of these rivers originate from the Western Ghats and flow westward. There are 34 backwaters in Kerala.

Kerala has three distinct types of lands – Eastern Highlands, Central Midlands and Western Lowlands. Dense forest ranges, hilly areas, tea plantations etc. form the eastern highlands. Central midlands hosts the paddy fields, tapioca whereas the elevated slopes in this region hosts rubber, pepper etc. The flat coastal line abundant in coconut trees and paddy cultivation forms the Western lowland region.

Kerala has a moderate climate throughout the year mainly wet and maritime tropical heavily influenced by the seasonal heavy rains brought up by the monsoon. Kerala has four distinct seasons – winter, summer, South-West Monsoon and North-East Monsoon. Winter in Kerala starts from the middle of November and lasts till the middle of February. From then on temperature slowly creeps up and its summer season till the end of May. Following this its rainy season from June to November contributed by South-West and North-East monsoons.

Kerala offers you a delightful experience with its unique climate and culture. If one wants to experience the cool breeze of mountains, breath-taking views of tea plantations, serene back-waters and vastness of the sea all at one go, Kerala is the right destination for that.

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